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Position Industry Location
HR Manager (m/f/d) mit Erfahrung mit dem Betriebsrat Electrical Engineering - Drive and Control Technologie Western Germany
Project Manager (m/f/d) Japanese Automotive OEM Processing Industry Western Germany
Frontend Developer (m/w/d) IT - Software Western Germany
Sales Manager (m/f/d) Spain Machine Building Southwest Germany
Qualitätsingenieur/Qualitätsmanager im Maschinenbau (m/w/d) für Norddeutschland Machine Building Western Germany
Technischer Einkaufsmanager (m/w/d) mit Schwerpunkt Industrie Automotive
Business Development Specialist (m/f/d) Manufacturer of Consumer Goods - Nonfood Western Germany
Team Leader Business Service Management (m/w/d) IT Western Germany
Senior Financial Accountant (m/w/d) Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials - Chemical Industry and Processing of Mineral Oil Western Germany
Controller für Lagerwirtschaft (m/w/d) Exportgüter Logistics Western Germany
Sales Manager (m/f/d) DACH & South Europe (Portugal, Spain & Italy) Machine and Tool Construction Southwest Germany
Vice President Sales (m/w/d) Machine Building Western Germany
Sales Manager LED (m/w/d) Electrical Engineering
DevOps Engineer (m/w/d) IT - Software Western Germany
Manager Business Development and Sales (m/f/d) Semiconductor Industry Electrical Engineering Southwest Germany
Manager Key Account Customer Support & Sales (m/f/d) PCB for Automotive Industry Electrical Engineering - Microprocessor System Southern Germany
Sales Manager (m/f/d) Industrial Pumps for OEM Business in Europe Machine Building Western Germany / Netherlands
Marketing & Sales Manager für E-Bike (m/w/d) Electrical Engineering Northern Germany
Ethernet Testing Expert (m/w/d) n/a.
European HR Manager (m/f/d) mit Chinesischkenntnissen Electrical Engineering - Drive and Control Technologie Western Germany
Projektleiter E-Mobility (m/f/d) Automotive - Motor Vehicle Supplier Southern Germany
IT Audit Manager (m/w/d) Trading Western Germany
Sales Manager (m/f/d) – Specialty Chemicals and Adhesives Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials - Chemical Industry and Processing of Mineral Oil Western Germany
Mitarbeiter (m/f/d) Assistenz in Vertrieb & Logistik Electrical Engineering - Drive and Control Technologie Southwest Germany
European Sales Manager (m/w/d) - Automotive Machine and Tool Construction
Strategic Office Management (m/f/d) Electrical Engineering - Production of Electronical Equipment
Client Concierge (m/f/d) Electrical Engineering Berlin
Bauingenieur (m/w/d) Planung, Controlling, Bauleitung Building Industry - Civil Engineering Southern Germany
Procurement/Logistic Staff (m/f/d) Manufacturer of Consumer Goods - Nonfood Western Germany
Strategic Sales Assistant (m/w/d) Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials - Chemical Industry and Processing of Mineral Oil Southern Germany
Assistenz (m/w/d) der Geschäftsführung Processing Industry - Metal Western Germany
Strategic Office Management (m/f/d) Life Sciences - Medical Technology Southern Germany
Leiter Konstruktion Bergbaumaschinen (m/w/d) Machine Building China / NRW
Internal Auditor Project Management (m/w/d) Building Industry Western Germany
Sales & Business Development Director/Manager Medizinprodukte (m/w/d) Life Sciences - Medical Technology Southwest Germany
Sales Manager for Industrial Pumps (m/f/d) Europe - DACH Machine Building Western Germany / Netherlands
CFO (m/w/d) Automotive - Motor Vehicle Supplier Eastern Germany
Senior Kaufmännischer Property Manager (m/w/d) Logistik-Immobilien Real Estate Western Germany
Sales Assistant (m/f/d) Manufacturer of Consumer Goods - Nonfood NRW, Germany
Assistant for General Manager - Sales (m/f/d) Trading South Germany
Administration Assistant (m/w/d) Automotive - Motor Vehicle Supplier South Germany
Hochschulabsolventen (m/w/d) für den Berufseinstieg bei japanischen Unternehmen n/a.
Managing Director (m/f/d) International Logistics Consulting Logistics Northern Germany
Field Service Engineer (m/f/d) Machine Building Düsseldorf
Projektassistenz China Desk als Werkstudent oder Praktikant (m/w/d) Consulting - Executive Search NRW, Germany
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Career counselling and coaching

Career counselling

Fischer HRM offers professional career counselling and coaching. We help you to define your current position, to prepare for important decisions and recognise new opportunities. Our comprehensive counselling enables you to pose questions and reflect on your thoughts with a professional external consultant. The consultant can help you to see the facts in an objective light, evaluate offers and assess the opportunities and the risks of various courses of action.


Career counselling when making an important decision

Fischer HRM helps you to make important career decisions. If a career change is imminent, you have to make decisions. What impact will it have on my future career? Is the contract wording or the salary offer appropriate? Are there any risks involved? Is my last employer's reference as good as it looks?
Just one single career counselling session and orientation meeting can help you reach important decisions and prepare you for the next steps.


Career counselling when preparing for a fundamental career change

Fischer HRM career counselling helps you determine your own current status, assess what you have achieved so far and set you on the right course for the future. For example, if after many years in the same position you find yourself asking questions such as: "Was that everything? Will this just keep going on and on in the years to come? Am I really exploiting my full potential or am I manoeuvering into a dead end? Should I aim for an internal or external move? In which corporate culture, position and/or function would I have the best prospects?" The experts from Fischer HRM will be happy to assist you in making the right moves.


Career counselling before launching a career

Fischer HRM carries out educational and professional checks for future school leavers and graduates. We provide professional support in choosing the right training or study course based on a structured analysis of abilities and interests. We recommend the right professions and we advise on how to make sure you succeed in these goals.



Fischer HRM offers a wide range of managerial coaching methods

Coaching is the only method to perceive oneself not from within but from an external perspective. As experienced counsellors and management coaches, we offer you this invaluable 'view from the outside'.

Coaching promotes an optimal interaction between employees, colleagues, superiors and customers.

Coaching overcomes company-specific problems or changes with personnel consequences such as mergers, downsizing, etc.

Coaching helps with personal problem issues with business-related consequences, e.g. bullying, health problems, family crises, anxiety about job loss or burnout.


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